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plan process

Stage 1Meet with client to receive brief on project.Discuss site regarding building lines, restrictions etc...Discuss budget.Discuss style & design of project. The need to involve independent consultants & professionals.Explain the full process of the project from beginning to occupation.Stage 2Present pre-paired concept plans.Discuss design and materials.Discuss building costs related to the concept plans.Stage 3Prepare site development plans [SDP].Meet with local authorities to discuss SDP.Submit site development plans to local authorities.Manage and track SDP while in municipality.Collect approved SDP.Stage 4Prepare council submission drawings.Meet with client to discuss budget and costs.Meet with client to prepare necessary documentation.Submit plans to local authorities.Manage and track plans while with local authority.Collect approved plans.Stage 5Discuss construction process with client.Discuss the different types of building contracts with client.Put project to tender.Plan commensment & completion dates.Stage 6Site handover to contractor.Stage 7Architects responsibilities:Regular site visits.Communicate design and vision of project to contractor.Act as mediator between owner & contractor.Continually check on project schedules & deadlines.Compile 1st snag list with owner. Stage 8House completion.Compile 2nd snag list with owner. Discuss final payments to contractor.Handover house to owner.